series netflix 1899 surprised the public by defying expectations. What seemed like a mystery in the middle of the ocean eventually turned into a journey through pain, fear, and even the very texture of reality.

On this occasion, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese managed to construct a version of the truth from different points of view. One day, They have developed a well-designed sensory journey. 1899 It depends not only on its amazing visual part, but also on the ability of the production to immerse itself in its atmosphere. Therefore, music has an important place in order for the viewer to understand the transit through different perceptions of reality.

Actually most of soundtrack This is a combination of versions of greatest hits from different eras and atmospheric chords. The combination gives an idea of ​​the material that associated with the ability to music to deepen the mood. What makes each chapter 1899 be an immersive work in its own right and, moreover, independently relate to the concept of beauty.

A special highlight for viewers will probably be the moving score and lunder the soundtrack of the programwhich has some very atmospheric and popular songs that add to the mystique of the series.

A song for every story

original score 1899 It was written by Ben Frost. The renowned Australian-Icelandic artist has a background in science fiction and drama. Some of his works are known for his unusual compositions for Fortitude D Raised by wolves.

In both cases the musician used a combination of chords of different instruments to link the mood of your compositions. Also a combination of different melodies – from the use of strings to fragments of piano sonatas – to create a special atmosphere.

AT 1899 It’s no different, and his work spans not only the Kerberos journey, but various transformations of reality in the program. This combination is also supported by the idea of ​​the sound of the sea as a constant tone that prevails over the rest. Which gives the show’s soundtrack a deep and oddly sophisticated personality.

Musical pop culture 1899

The song that accompanies the main credits of the series is Jefferson Airplane’s version of the already iconic White Rabbit. The song with its deep symbolism was released in 1967. Its text is based on the narrative Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

1899 Netflix series

In the series, this allows for a sense of unreality, which is also associated with seeing beauty and fear. Almost from the start 1899 makes it clear that the story he tells has a more than obvious connection with the singular and the intangible.

For each of the chapters, the selected songs in one way or another tell about the journey of Kerberos through a mysterious story. In the second episode, the version baby on time from Deep Purple. For three, one of Killer Moon from Echo and rabbits. Included in the powerful fourth chapter, one could hear (Don’t be afraid) Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. Next Master Black Sabbath, in the sixth All over the watchtower Jimi Hendrix.

but that was for its last two chapters when the series reached its peak. Dominated in the penultimate song Wind (of my soul) Cat Stevens, and finally the series ended with a great version star man David Bowie.

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