One of the market segments where it does not exist Xiaomi When it comes to desktop computers. It seems that this was not very interesting for the Asian company, but a lot seems to have changed from what was known. So much so that everything shows that soon the company will have its own tiny model.

The currently unknown computer has a very clear purpose: Compete with Apple’s Mac mini. These are small computers with everything needed to work with more than acceptable solvency. The dimensions are reminiscent of an Apple TV player, but slightly larger. The truth is, this seems to be the most striking model, as it appears to be working on another model that could be a device with a traditional size and design in desktop computers.

What is known about Xiaomi’s new computer

While it seems completely certain that it will have a few features, among other things, there are really no big leaks of what it will offer. USB ports (You will not be missing a type A pair and will also be a type C). Also, there will be video output HDMIwith a resolution that will not be a problem to reach 4K and this way you get the most out of compatible monitors. On the other hand, it is believed that the cooling system will be fanless, so we are talking about a particularly quiet product.

Possible Xiaomi Host Mini PC computer case


Regarding the core Xiaomi components to run the Windows OS they will integrate, what is currently known is that the firm will bet the desktop is an AMD ecosystem, with the chip chosen in the first place a Ryzen 7 6800H. That’s why we’re talking about a high enough power for it to be an option even for business. Also, the GPU will be a Radeon 680.

Other equipment details that seem safe

These have to do with memory, everything here indicates that the amount of RAM will be maxed out. 16 GB and storage will be 512 gigabyte on a disc ssd. Of course, it is more than possible for users to decide on different configurations in this section. In addition, you will not be deprived of wireless connection options such as. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 so everything works perfectly.

Finally, a possible price is indicated for the most basic model of the computer we are talking about. about 540 euros to change (3,999 yuan). In addition, it has not been overlooked that the equipment eventually gets the name Xiaomi Host Mini PC and has a plastic coating, but has an aluminum inner case.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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