Apple may launch iPhone 15 with Sony’s cutting-edge photo sensorBy 🇧🇷 Nikki AsiaHE smartphone should bring a camera with new and robust features to capture images.

The information indicates that the sensor can “double the saturation signal level per pixel”. In short, component can capture more light and reduce over or underexposure in certain situations.

according to the example Nikki Asia🇧🇷 the sensor can clearly record a person’s face even in a scene with very strong backlighting🇧🇷 Although not unheard of, this will be an important step forward for iPhones.

New technology sensor

Many Android phones offer features similar to those currently mentioned. Nikki Asia🇧🇷 However, Sony’s future sensor is a technology that provides greater tolerance for overexposure and underexposure your light.

Seems like, The photographic component has a separation of transistors (workpiece) and photodiodes (light capture). This change is necessary for the sensor to increase the number of photodiodes.

The technology guarantees a significant increase in saturation level per pixel. Like this, camera has superior performance to capture and control light even in “difficult” scenarios.

Finally, Sony’s new sensor is expected to be part of the Lytia series. Announced in early November, the series promises to provide “high-quality photography powered by a variety of cutting-edge technologies.”

The iPhone 15 should only be announced in September 2023.

Possible iPhone 15 Pro exclusivity

It is unclear whether Sony’s new camera will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro models. Recall that 48 MP sensors are one of the differences of the iPhone 14 Pro variants released this year.

Also, rumors show that Apple’s ‘super-premium’ devices will have a host of exclusive features🇧🇷 For example, phones should have A17 Bionic chip, faster USB-C and periscopic camera with 10x optical zoom.

Source: Tec Mundo

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