Apple accelerates plans to expand iPhone production outside of China

Apple urgently needs a solution to their current production problems in China and they are already considering expanding abroad.

By Mauricio Martínez on iPhone

Apple’s situation in China and iPhone production are bad and bad. According to the Wall Street Journal Those in Cupertino are trying to step up their expansion plans outside of China in terms of the assembly of their products. Problems with a new COVID-19 outbreak and worker protests has been on his Achilles heels in recent weeks. What do you intend to do about it?

Apple considers new countries to expand production capacity

Given the obvious complications in China, Exploring the possibility of expanding to countries where they already have a presence in terms of production principles. India and Vietnam are two of the most powerful countries. to concentrate on new bases if the home base country is left.

Let’s remember that Cupertino already has experience in assembly plants and produces the earliest iPhones in India and Brazil. Vietnam mainly bundles AirPods and HomePods. It is not easy to move production A product as important as the iPhone. this strongest risk factors are infrastructure and workforce.

iPhone 14 production in China

iPhone 14 production in China

Getting used to the new factory in another countryConsidering that China has been a base for many years, it will just cost more than money. It is necessary to meet the current demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and future such ones. 40% of iPhone production can be moved to other countries.

Things are not going well in China (and won’t be for a long time).

In addition to the earlier disclosure of this information, The Wall Street Journal states that: Apple manages its suppliers in such a way that they want to launch new products.. He has all the feelings of the world, What they want to avoid in the future is to have a problem similar to what they have now. with iPhone.

The goal is to create production ecosystems that can take a good load. and solves production problems when a core factory has complications in the process.

Apple is experiencing delays in production and shipping of iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

Apple is experiencing delays in production and shipping of iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

Since 2016, China has faced problems such as a trade war with the United States. Global economic weaknesses are producing internal changes, both in countries like China and with companies Apple facing a decline in hiring.

COVID-19 does not leave both entities and Analysts say Apple has lost billions of dollars. The lack of sufficient stock of the iPhone 14 Pro may be noticeable in the deliveries of subsequent financial results, as up to 6 million fewer units are anticipated in production.

Apple, on the other hand, is at war with China and their every move is watched with a magnifying glass. Availability of AirDrop has been limited, in the face of recent protests against the Chinese government, users are using this Apple tool to share information.

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