Have you ever wondered what it’s like to use a smartwatch with built-in space? shop headphones, in the style of the best children’s watch with chewing gum in it? It is possible to envisage a model with this capacity. Watch the Budsgives Huaweiwhich achieved the success of combining these two accessories.

First of all, the public still has to wait for an official statement in Tupiniquin territory, regarding the product, which comes across as an innovative wearable device that can please those who do sports. But for now, the Chinese can already take it. Let’s come to the technical page:


Huawei Watch Buds comes with a pair of reduced TWS earbuds inside. The earphones are inside a compact structure of the watch, and to turn it on, the user simply presses a button below the screen to access the equipment.

Meanwhile, the TWS earbuds take up 90% of the internal space and weigh 8 kilos together, which adds to the smartwatch’s own weight. In other words, a heavier device is expected compared to its counterparts.

display and design

If we leave its main function aside, Huawei Watch Buds has a design very similar to the majority of smartwatches on the market. However, the thing that stands out in its appearance is that it is a little wider, as it integrates the earphones.

On the top, it has a 1.43-inch screen and a large metal frame around it. The round crown on the right adds charm to the product. Also, the strap of Huawei Watch Buds is made of leather.

The screen shows the user the battery indicator of the headset, and the operating system of the device is HarmonyOS 3, which is used in the mobile phones, TVs, tablets and other products of the Chinese company.


On the health front, the device supports sleep monitoring, blood oxygen detection, heart rate detection, heart health research, among other functions.

Sports enthusiasts are not forgotten, as Huawei Watch Buds offers up to 80 modes in this regard. The list includes outdoor running, walking, cycling, jumping and many other features.


The Huawei Watch Buds battery can last up to three days when charged to 100%. This ensures constant use of the earphones, whether listening to music or making phone calls. Currently in economy mode, the charging time capacity increases to about seven days.

Another remarkable detail is that the headset can be magnetically placed inside the watch structure and can be charged 360º without the need for the user to adjust the devices.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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