Everything is cycle. Life is full of them, and sooner or later everything comes to an end. SAMSUNG Continuing to expand its legacy, hand in hand with the A-series, it will no longer continue its tradition of presenting the A-series annually. Galaxy A5x and A7x. We’re talking about a line that isn’t flagship power but has become one of the company’s biggest commercial posters. It is said to be the best-selling series in its entire catalog. Of course it is to be taken into account.

While we don’t know anything about the A5x line, what we know for sure is, Samsung is abandoning the A7x series and will not launch the expected Samsung Galaxy A74. Decision made later Samsung Galaxy A53 It will eclipse the launch of the A73. The first of the series is the best-selling, although it has less power. The user is looking for the “Samsung experience” without having to invest more than necessary.

Galaxy A74 will not be released

This Samsung Galaxy A74 would be the most powerful device in the series, but apparently that location will now belong to the Galaxy A54. We’ve had Galaxy A6x, A8x and even Galaxy A9x in the past. However, Samsung has canceled these lines to focus on the bestsellers. The Galaxy A7x series is the latest series to cease to exist.

Goodbye Galaxy A74!  samsung embedding series

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This information is from a report, so some caution should be exercised. According to the report in question, the Galaxy A73 was the last phone in this series. As a result, Samsung will not introduce the Samsung Galaxy A74 in 2023. This is consistent with the inconsistency of previous rumors about the Galaxy A74.

A series to be missed very much in Samsung

So far we’ve seen numerous leaks pointing to the new Galaxy A series, but we haven’t heard much about the Samsung Galaxy A74. Apparently this is due to the phone not being under development. Reason? Long story short, other phones are selling better and Samsung sees no reason to launch the new Galaxy A7x. It’s a pity, because the Galaxy A7x was once the closest to the flagship segment. now he Galaxy A54 will probably be the most attractive model in the series.

The Galaxy A7x series was also used to bridge the gap between the regular A series and the flagship S series. Reportedly, there will be no Galaxy S22 FE and S23 FE. Therefore, there will be a big gap between the Galaxy A54 and the Galaxy S23 series. This is an odd strategy when competitors probably have something to offer. Perhaps Samsung is pursuing Apple’s strategy of offering older high-end products at a lower price.. It could lower the price of the Galaxy S22 phones and bring them closer to the range of the Galaxy A7x series. This makes sense now that the company offers four years of software support for its flagships.

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