This watch pixel It has become one of the most remarkable smart watches among those using the Wear OS operating system. This has a lot to do with the fact that it’s from Google and the truth is it offers stunning design and extensive functionality. But there are some options that were not part of the smartwatch at launch, but that the manufacturer states it will arrive on time. It looks like one of them is starting to take action.

we are talking about fall detection. This tool is very interesting because when it is active and it has this kind of problem, the device activates a protocol to determine if it should notify the emergency services (or a person). Therefore, in the event that some transactions are made and no response is received in the form of closingsecurity protocol starts. Therefore, we are talking about a valuable addition. And as you can see, the corresponding deployment has already started.

Pixel Watch users and those who have this feature

And that’s good news, because some have shared images that show they already have fall detection (as we left off after this paragraph). It was obtained through a Background update from google servers. Therefore, they did not realize this until the smartwatch itself requested users to complete the configuration process for this new tool to work.

Drop detection on Pixel Watch


Yes definitely, all beneficiaries – at least for now – from the USA, so you should consider an update by region (a pretty common thing in the tech world). The firmware they all have is RWD9.220429.070, which was released in early December and is the latest available for the Pixel Watch. Of course, for now, Google has not officially announced that fall detection is enabled for everyone. Therefore, some patience will be required for arrival in Spain.

How can you check if you own the new vehicle?

Well, you don’t need to do anything particularly complicated, as commented by those who have already enjoyed this new functionality on their Pixel Watch. A simple reboot will let you know if you have everything installed from the server. and if so, you can start with the corresponding configuration. So for some, waiting to confirm that what happened was not a mistake… couldn’t be easier.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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