This headphones you have view They are very high quality on the market right now, but it seems that Cupertino has an idea to reach more users. One of the downsides that some have had to get over AirPods is price, and the North American firm may be considering launching an AirPods. economic model.

If Apple finally takes this step, It could counter the products that some of its main competitors, such as Xiaomi or Samsung, have in the market.. These are good options at an affordable price, as well as quite accurate sound and do not cause problems working on all types of devices. So the idea is to have an iPhone SE but in the wireless headphone segment.

The Coming of These Headphones Almost Soon

To everyone’s surprise, the company would be working on the development of these helmets based on already known data. They would be called AirPods Lite. as much as they can Announced in 2024, which means that orders will even be placed to hardware suppliers and will be in the shipping process so that factories can build test models. So, everything mentioned seems pretty real.

When this new headphone model is released, everything points Between a generation or two of Apple’s AirPods, they will be discontinued to fill the gap needed for the Lite to succeed in the market. Regarding the price, the information shows that this would be about $99 (direct conversion to euros seems safe). Therefore, at the moment we are talking about the cost of the cheapest option of headphones from the company Cupertino, less than thirty. Frankly, they’re not the cheapest on the market, but that’s not crazy when it comes to the company we’re talking about.

Using Apple AirPods Max headphones


These Apple AirPods won’t come alone

We say this because the moment the new Lite arrives, second generation Apple AirPods Max. It’s a model that’s screaming for a refresh (although its quality is indisputable compared to its rival) as we’re talking about an accessory announced in 2020. significant progress in autonomy and, in particular, design changes to optimize noise reduction and weight. Come on, everything looks so good.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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