The Mac Pro is the last survivor from Intel, but few are left

The transition from Intel to Apple Silicon is almost complete. There is only one computer with an Intel chip left on the market.

Mac Pro with Intel Chip

for several years, Apple relied on its own processors to provide more power to its devices. As far as computers are concerned, until recently there were only 3 Macs with Intel processors left, but in the new year one type of Mac with Intel processors is in danger of near extinction.

With the arrival of the Mac Mini 2023, which already includes M2 and M2 Pro processors, 2018 version discontinued, was still using an Intel chip. What does it mean? There is now only one Mac surviving with old chips: the Mac Pro.

Farewell to Intel

With the advent of a new Mac Mini, Only the Mac Pro remains as the only computer with an Intel processor. However, according to rumors, it may take a very short time to live, as Apple usually introduces the Mac Mini and Mac Pro in the same year.

Possible new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon processor may be presented at events the company has planned for March. If that doesn’t happen, the usual period for computers to be updated is the desktop, although the new computer is very likely to be shown at WWDC in June.

Mac Pro Intel

The Mac Pro is the only Apple computer with an Intel chip, but that may change.

This makes people think The complete disappearance of Intel-powered Macs could happen this yearAlthough there are experts who say that this may not be entirely true. This is because Intel has an advantage over Apple Silicon: the ability to run the Windows operating system is a necessary thing for many professionals to work.

In fact, the Appleosophy website demonstrated a similar situation when Apple made a big transition:

Remember when Apple migrated its Macs from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X? When OS X was released in 2001, Apple offered a dual-boot solution for the Macs it shipped to support both OS 9 and OS X. Boot into OS X. When Apple released the Power Mac G5 in June, Apple re-released the previous-generation Power Mac G4 at a much lower price for users who were confident it would run Mac OS 9.

In other words, possible new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon It does not mean that computers with Intel will disappear immediately.. It is quite possible that the old version will be available at a discounted price and for a limited time, giving professionals time to continue working on Windows and Apple and develop a Boot Camp-like tool.

Whatever, These questions will be answered sooner or laterbecause the new Mac will most likely be released before summer.

Source: i Padizate

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