In the coming days, another cold snap is coming, which means that we and smartphones are waiting for serious temperature checks.

In case you suddenly forgot, Cupertino promises the normal operation of the iPhone in the temperature mode of the screen. from 0 to +35 °С. If it is cold outside, it is not recommended to use the gadget.

The operation of the iPhone at sub-zero temperatures may be, but do not be surprised at the rapid discharge of the battery and the disconnection of smartphones with a worn battery.

Here are some tips on how to make the best use of your iPhone in winter to reduce battery wear and improve battery life.

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1. Keep your gadget warm with a case

We are not surprised to change our wardrobe for warmer ones or change tires for winter ones in the car, but for some reason we forget to take care of the smartphone.

For a few winter months, you should get a free case for your iPhone to slow down the cooling of your smartphone. Even the simplest case made of silicone or allows the gadget to stay warm.

2. Carry your smartphone in your inner pockets

If you don’t use smartphone cases on principle, try to carry your iPhone in inside pockets.

Do not put the gadget in trousers or jeans, avoid carrying it in the outer pockets of a coat or jacket. It is better to put the iPhone in an inside pocket, a jacket, or just put it in a bag.

3. Cook in the cold discard gloves

If you need to use your smartphone on the street, chat with someone or use a navigator, try to use gloves less.

The warmth of your hands will keep your iPhone warm for a long time and cool down incredibly quickly. Of course, this should be done in accordance with the conditions and, if necessary, monitor the state of your body.

4. For long calls, use your headset

When you notice a long telephone conversation, it is better to connect headphones to the iPhone, and hide the smartphone in the inside pocket.

So your hands will be free, the gadget is protected from wind and frost.

5. Send voice messages or call instead of texting

I don’t like voice calls myself, but in winter it’s better to dictate something in the messenger or call to solve the problem. So you will quickly agree with the interlocutor and will not correspond for a long time by text messages.

At the same time, you can talk and find it without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or bag.

6. Periodically “warm up” gadgets with demanding applications

When you run to a taxi or enter the subway, you can take out your iPhone and play some kind of heavy game for 5-10 minutes. It can be an application with cool graphics or a network game with active data exchange over the network.

The processor and / or modem of the smartphone from this slows down to warm up and quickly transfers heat to other components. However, it is worth doing this when you have already left the street.

7. Don’t boot a cold smartphone

Worst of all, sudden changes in temperature affect the iPhone battery. You should not connect your gadget to the PowerBank right on the street, put it on wireless charging immediately after entering the cafe, or connect it to the power adapter at home.

Allow the appliance at least 10-15 minutes after entering the room for the temperature to rise slightly.

8. Monitor your iPhone battery health

At low temperatures, even a new battery will lower the output voltage and make it slower to think that the battery is dead. If at the same time the battery has significant wear, the shutdown may differ even with a high charge indicator.

you can find out the battery wear level from one machine:

▶ View on iPhone under Settings – Battery – Battery status and charging.

▶ To a computer using external software.

▶ On a smartphone using a mobile connection.

If gadget more than 20% capacity lost battery or over 500 charge cyclespreferably in a service center to replace the battery.

Now you know how to reduce the negative impact of cold on your smartphone and reduce its battery life in winter.

Source: Iphones RU

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