Less and less are left to enjoy one of the great media events in the mobile phone industry. We’re talking about the launch, obviously. iPhone 15 Y iPhone 15Pro. But even though this is only a few months away, there are quite a few reports, leaks and rumors regarding the new family of smartphones. view. Some information about the devices, even mentioning features, prices, models and many other topics.

How will the iPhone 15 screen be? this is what we know

The latest report that has come to light clarifies a few unknowns on the subject. The expected screen of the iPhone 15. And it looks like we’re going to make a few changes to it. The latest online leak supports, points out and argues that screens will have “curved bezels” even if it’s a flat screen like we’re used to. Therefore, we will be faced with very, very thin curved frames. A design that will supposedly protect third-generation Apple.

A report reveals the strangely curved screen of the iPhone 15

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A very important insider of the industry revealed the following details

  • iPhone 15 will be the same size as iPhone 14
  • The design will be more compact
  • iPhone 15 Pro will have a flat screen with curved edges and thinner bezels
  • The screen will be very similar to the feel of the Apple Watch

What else do we know about Apple’s design?

The same source confirmed that she was “very beautiful”. iPhone 15 Pro Max. As we mentioned earlier, this was the definition and adjective he used in comparison with the Apple Watch. Note that both the standard and Plus models will share these curved edges, but the bezels will not be as compacted as the Pro model.

On the other hand, the cheapest iPhone 15 series will have the prestigious design that Apple lovers know. Dynamic Island. a similar design iPhone 14Pro. Also these devices will have glass panels from the line Ceramic Shield. In this way, the Apple company will protect the screens of the new smartphones of its brand.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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