The secrets of the Samsung Galaxy S23 are sold out: their prices in Spain are revealed

Gradually, different details of everything to do with his arrival Samsung Galaxy S23. The event where these smartphones will become official will take place on February 7, 2023, and one of the things known today is: prices that each of the models will have in Spain. We tell you what to expect.

The truth is that the Korean company does not survive the moment we live. price rise It became stable in all areas. And, to give an example, as with Apple, it suggests that the leaked prices will be higher than would have to be paid for the production terminals currently still being sold in Spain. So it looks like you need to prepare your wallets well.

Samsung Galaxy S23 prices in Spain

According to information source, there will be the possibility of getting one of the models for less than a thousand euros, and you will have to spend more if you choose the most complete option of all the terminals shown at the beginning of next month. More than 1,500€. Here are the ones posted:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 with 8 and 128 GB: 959 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 with 8 and 256GB: 1,019 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ with 8 and 256GB: 1,209 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ with 8 and 512 GB: 1,329 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with 8 and 256GB: 1,409 euros
  • 12GB and 512GB Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: 1,589 Euros
Front photo of Samsung Galaxy S23

Roland’s Quarter

To be fair, we show you some of the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 that were announced last year. The Ultra was €1,259, now the minimum is €1,409, so there is a significant difference (and not to mention the most powerful option that will be available). Additionally, the base of the previous year cost 859, so increase the price by 100 euros. Therefore, the Korean company could not contain the rise, as some wanted.

Some improvements to be added

There are developments that are certain and will prove to be important, for example new samsung galaxy s23 processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (maybe a special version with a higher frequency than the basic one). In addition, a significant development is expected on the subject. Brightness of AMOLED screensCapable of exceeding 1,700 nits. In addition, the Ultra’s camera will have a 200 MP sensor, which can be fully differential. Is this enough for the price increase? As always, it will be something for users to evaluate.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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