It is clear that after Seen with iPhone 14It is very clear that the Cupertino company intends to bet very clearly on the most premium terminals with the most completeness. Therefore, the important thing is there are options that will not be part of the basics, so we are talking about something. The same way it works as Android manufacturers. And that will happen again, with new smartphones to be announced in September of this year.

According to the information revealed, it seems quite clear that Apple will make the camera of 2019. new iPhone 15 very different from what we know so far, but only on Ultra models. In other words, not all Professionals will be able to have developments that promise to be a very important step in terms of the quality of the photos taken, especially when zoom is used. This is because a periscope lens to get it

It is even claimed that Exactly the same will be done in 2024 terminals, so it won’t be a matter of waiting to reap the benefits of using this type of option in mobile photography. So, it’s all too clear what Apple’s commitment is: to force users to spend as much as possible if they want to enjoy all the new features possible (and frankly, that makes sense since it’s the best in the business).

Image of the back of an iPhone


What is gained with a periscope lens?

Basically, Provides much longer optical (i.e. lossless) zooming without having to use any additional accessories. Therefore, high-precision images can be obtained at distances that were previously impossible. Time will tell if Apple will manage to ensure that the use of this hardware does not result in an increase in size and weight. What does the iPhone have to do with thickness? The latter is something other manufacturers have failed to achieve, and many have thrown the towel in the use of periscope lenses for this reason.

On the other hand, the same source of information indicates that Apple will already be in it. Negotiations with Genius and Largan, which is one of the lens providers of this type (so it would seem that Samsung, which currently offers the best components of this type, will be excluded). Eventually we’ll see that we don’t have to resort to the Korean company, which won’t be the first time.

A few innovations in iPhone 15

Apart from what we talked about, we should not forget that this will be the first Apple smartphone. It will use the USB Type-C port, which means a final farewell to Lightning. In addition to making progress in the increase in round lines at the terminal, Significant improvement in fast chargingsomething that iPhone users have always requested for a long time.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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