Bomb news. According to actor Thomas Haden Church, who gave life to Sandman in the first Spider-Man trilogy, Sam Raimi could do spiderman 4sequel to the feature film released in 2007. Certainly, would star Tobey Maguirewho in 2021 donned the Spider-Man costume again in no way home.

Hayden even mentioned Comic that he himself would raise his hand to resume his role in spiderman 4 If the rumors turn out to be true: “There has always been some… I’ve heard rumors that Sam Raimi is going to make another Spider-Man movie with Toby. [Maguire]. And if that happens, I’ll probably try to at least make a cameo.”

It is important to understand that the actor is not completely sure that spiderman 4 with Tobey Maguire it will become a reality. However, his words should not be taken lightly, given his closeness to Sony Pictures. In fact, he also made a brief appearance in Spiderman: No Way Home thanks to the phenomenon of the multiverse.

As the vernacular says: “When the river roars, the water carries.” Nothing can be ruled out with the Marvel movies, even the wildest rumors. A few years ago, imagining Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in the same movie, spider man it was complete madness. However, 2021 saw one of the most epic reunions ever seen in a superhero movie.

Whatspiderman 4 with Tobey Maguire is it feasible?

Tobey Maguire

It makes sense that Sony Pictures would consider spiderman 4 with Tobey Maguire. First, it is well known that this feature film has always been in the plans of the production company.. Nevertheless, spiderman 3 it failed critically and underperformed at the box office, resulting in the project being buried.

However, it is quite obvious that Spiderman: No Way Home Rekindled public interest in having Tobey Maguire dressed as an arachnid.. Even after the release of the said feature film fandom campaigned for Sony Pictures to revive his saga. The same thing happened to Andrew Garfield.

In the case of Tobey Maguire, he had already admitted that Does he want to be Spider-Man again?. The final decision, yes, depends on the production houses. Earlier this year, he commented, “I love these films and the various series. [Marvel] call me and say, “Could you come over tonight to hang out and get naughty?” or “Would you come here to film this movie, do a scene, or do something about Spider-Man?” I would say yes! Why don’t you want to?”

Of course, being involved in the production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not the same as doing it with Sony Pictures. The second didn’t do well with movies live action his spider universe.

Presence of Sam Raimi, leader of the first trilogy spider manmight be motivation enough for Tobey Maguire to agree to return to spiderman 4. Let’s see if these rumors start to pick up steam in the coming months.

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