5G Broadcast technology will let you watch DTT on iPhone without consuming data

TVE has already been testing this type of connection since January.

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A user watching an online sports broadcast on his smartphone

You probably already know that there are many apps to watch TV online from iPhone, but what you may not know yet is that there is an alternative that allows you to enjoy DTT channels retransmission without using mobile data. Indeed, the link 5G Broadcast It will skip the traditional carriers step to retransmit content directly to our smartphone. No antennas, no cables, a mobile coverage solution that will completely revolutionize the way we use our smartphones.

Watching DTT channels online on iPhone will be a whole new experience. will prevent us from spending mobile data on iPhone and any other Android smartphone. All thanks to 5G Broadcast, a type of connection supported by Cellnex Telecom and whose first experimental project has been tested by RTVE since mid-January.

They report that from broadband, 5G Broadcasting will be chosen as one of the broadcast technologies of the future and will be integrated into the DVB-I standard. 5G Broadcast connection uses some form of wireless data transmission much more efficient and has the ability to adapt to the 8 MHz bandwidth used by DTT channels in Spain, so it will help us limit mobile data usage. Also, it does not depend on techniques like. MIMEthus it is possible to tune the television without the need to use a directional antenna.

Cellnex has partnered with Qualcomm to advance this new technology and revolutionize the smartphone industry. As we mentioned earlier, They are already testing this alternative from RTVE From mid-January until the MWC convention in Barcelona on February 27, 2023.

So if your mobile data is limited and you don’t want to consume more, maybe you should try the application to watch La 1 online with 5G Broadcast and confirm that you do not use mobile data around Barcelona, ​​where it was created. a new broadcast center equipped with a transmitter compatible with this technology.

Source: i Padizate

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