Spanish neuroscientist Justo Gonzalo devoted 50 days to the uniqueness of life – the story of “Patient M.” This man received a non-fatal gunshot wound to the head during the Spanish Civil War in 1938. After that, his sense of the world changed dramatically – he began to see, hear and perceive objects from the opposite side of their true position.

“Patient M” could read normal and mirrored text, recognize the time on a wristwatch from a wide perspective, and sometimes saw several copies of the same object. If a certain picture has a horizontal orientation, then in his view it was reflected from right to left and vice versa, and vertically – from top to bottom, because of which people on scaffolding in his view walked upside down. There have been cases of color blindness and separation of color from its carrier.

Patient M.

Tom was interested in me because “Patient M.” perceived the sun calmly and quickly adapted to the new situation. Observations of him prompted Gonzalo to a new structure of the structure of the brain, according to which it does not consist of separate specialized departments, but is an integral structure. individual sections in it switch for their tasks, but the resource base is common, therefore, with partial damage to the brain, the basic functions of the function, however, the balance of their work changes, due to which transactions in human behavior begin.

Gonzalo proved this idea in the very first days of using the drug, Ludey with his mother, not in the first place, and did not use it. Now his daughter Isabelle Gonzalo-FonRodona is doing this, who, together with the neuropsychologist Albert o Garcia Molina from the Gutman Institute, creates a new complex structure and work of a person. brain.

Source: Tech Cult

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