At the beginning of 2022, Huawei brought two new smart watches for the national market. Making an effort to launch products in this category in Brazil, the company is the most smart phonesbut it has become more and more specialized in wearable devices.

The Huawei GT3 watch has a more classic look and is designed for those who want it. a smart watch for everyday life. The Huawei Watch GT Runner has a particularly sporty feel. for runners Those who want to develop their brands.

In this comparison, you will understand the features and differences of each of these. Huawei smart watches.

design and construction

It is possible to notice this while examining the watches of this brand. Huawei GT3 has a more traditional look Following the same style as the Huawei GT2, the predecessor of a traditional watch, this model has a body that can be 42 or 46 mm with minor structural differences. It is worth noting that the consumer can also choose wristbands that reflect different styles.

Already Huawei Watch GT Runner focuses on athletes, more specifically corridors. The model has a durable silicone bracelet, and the weight of the accessory is staggering, only 38.5 g (excluding the bracelet).

In addition to being lighter, this smartwatch also promises to be more durable to fully withstand any impact during workouts.

screen and dials

The screen of the 46mm version Huawei GT3 from here GT Runner the same in size and resolution – 1.43 inches and 466×466 HD pixels. The 42mm GT3 is slightly smaller at 1.32 inches, but promises to deliver the same experience all because of the technology. AMOLED.

The result is a vivid color displayis highlighted on the dials on each model. In the GT Runner we find more race-oriented versions, while the other model offers classic and modern options for those who prefer a more contemporary style.

Features and differences

GT3 focuses on general aspects, while GT Runner focuses on serving runners.

Speaking specifically of the Huawei GT3, we are facing an excellent smartwatch general purpose to receive notifications, calls and monitor various health indicators.

Even if it’s not your focus, GT3 complete offering many sensors for those who want to record from this last angle. various physical activities – More than 100 species. The smartwatch also brings: blood oxygenation monitoring and heart rate.

As for GT Runner, Designed to accompany running training and marathon offers an artificial intelligence system that helps improve the performance of athletes. The watch uses the RAI system (Running Ability Index) to provide insights (even through audio) to improve workouts in real time.

Another differential is the GT Runner’s positioning system. five different satellite navigation systemsoffers unprecedented precision for your runs. system TruSport It’s what brings all these features together to create one of the best running watches on the market.

Which one to choose?

Image: Huawei GT3 smart watch
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

It has accurate measurement of heart rate and positioning, daily health monitoring and battery with autonomy up to 14 days.

6% Closed

Image: Huawei GT Runner smartwatch

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

More precision, 38.5g lightweight design and AI-powered running workouts for your marathon.

1,799.00 BRL

if you are a amateur or professional runneror if you are thinking of participating in this type of activity, the Huawei Watch GT Runner is definitely the best choice for you. The smart watch, which brings special features to monitor and further improve the performance of athletes, is the best option in this regard.

But if running isn’t your thing, the Huawei GT3 is a general-purpose smartwatch that will definitely serve you. Also, this option is for those looking for a smart watch. to be used in social events where style should stand out.

In short, two smartwatches very complete options and the buyer can enjoy the accessories very well. However, each of them has a focus and you will use your money better by observing this detail when choosing.

Source: Tec Mundo

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