The latest Intel i9 is faster than the M2 Max, but at a high price along the way

Intel recently released the world’s fastest processor.

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The latest Intel i9 is faster than the M2 Max, but at a high price along the way
Intel Core i9 much higher performance than M2 Max

In mid-January, Intel introduced its next-generation Intel Core i9 processors, the most powerful and fastest chips in history. Initial analysis shows thatThe performance of the Intel Core i9 processor is much faster More than the M2 Max chips included in the 2023 MacBook Pro lineup.

But, Intel had to pay a heavy price Being able to develop a processor as powerful as the Intel Core i9. We are talking about energy efficiency, apparently it consumes a large amount of battery.

Speed ​​of Intel and Intel Core i9 processors

Last year, Apple replaced the last Intel component in the production of its Macs. Since then, the company with the bitten apple logo has implemented its own Apple Silicon processors. In this way, Apple Full compatibility between hardware and software by developing components that complement each other One of the benefits is higher energy efficiency.

There are Intel i9 processors 24 cores and coupled with a powerful graphics card like Nvidia RTX 4090 like a team MSI Raider GE78HX, its performance is a real monstrosity. Initial tests and reviews of Intel Core i9 processors against Apple’s M2 Max chips have amply proven that Intel’s new generation processors are much faster.

The attached video below compares the performance An Intel Core i9 chip from an MSI Raider with 32GB of RAM and 2TB SSD with processors M2 Max with 64GB RAM12 core CPU and 38 core GPU.

Benchmark tests clearly reflect the higher speed of Intel Core i9 processors compared to chips from Apple’s M2 Max family. Benchmark gave it a score 14,702 M2 Max and one point 30.30 To Intel’s i9.


Benchmark Class Bench

Also tested running video games with Rise of the Tomb Raider at 1,600p on a laptop. RTX 4090 Easily outperformed with the i9 M2Max On the Apple MacBook Pro.


Benchmark analysis in the execution of video games

However, Apple computers with M2 Max chips can offer: longer battery life. The i9 processors will need the laptop to constantly charge the battery. A very high speed for a very high cost.

Source: i Padizate

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