Talking about health effects breadWe shouldn’t put them all in one bag. One dish baked with whole grain flour is different from another made with refined flour. Just like stuffing it with hummus and avocado is not the same as chorizo. Also, it’s not the same as taking a little and swallowing a large amount. For this reason, a group of scientists from quadram institutefrom the United Kingdom, conducted a study in which he analyzes new flourmuch more saturating.

It’s made from legumes and, according to them, not only helps reduce consumer bread rations. It also reduces blood sugarpreventing obesity and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

In addition, a small dose of this flour in the general preparation of bread is sufficient to obtain these beneficial effects. Without a doubt, it is a useful flour in many ways. and free from cordycepsYes, sure.

Flour that fills you up much sooner

To prepare this flour, the authors used a mixture of legumes, which included chickpeas, lentils and beans. Of course they are used whole grainsto slow down starch digestion and reduce glucose peaks in blood. In fact, this is why whole grain flour is so much healthier.

However, these scientists had a hypothesis that, among other things, this flour can mimic the effects hormones that make you feel full. This means that when taken, it will increase the sending of signals from the gut to the brain, which indicate that the nutrients are already in sufficient quantities, and not normal. necessary Keep eating.

Therefore, bread baked from this flour will not only healthier, you should eat less. With all the consequences.


Bread for glucose control

To test whether they were correct in their hypothesis, these scientists made bread with three different percentages of bean flour. the one who didn’t have Nothinganother that contained thirty% and another one with 60%. Then they took slices spread with sugar-free jam and let them taste. 20 healthy individuals.

They had to self-report their satiety levels after they tasted the bread. But also, their blood sugar levels were measured. Thus, it was observed that those who took legume flour were more satiated and with a decrease in blood glucose levels by up to 40%. There was also not much difference between those who ate bread with 30% or 60% of this flour.

On the other hand, in blood samples taken from volunteers, it was found that more hormones responsible for feeling full. All of this suggests that bread made with this flour can have many benefits. However, it should also be taken into account that the study was conducted with a very small number of participants and that the level of satiety was self-assessed.

This can lead to certain errors, although it is supplemented by the measured level of hormones. number of volunteersYes, it would be interesting to increase it in future studies. In any case, it seems that this flour is presented as a promising remedy for combating obesity and metabolic diseases.

Source: Hiper Textual

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