The new AI news feed is now available on iOS and Android. Near artifactan app from the co-founders of Instagram that promises to take advantage of machine learning to display content related to your reading tastes or habits.

The developers of the app suggested create a kind of TikTok but for consuming articles or news. It means that feed The application is updated with reading options according to how the algorithm understands the interests of each user.

Although the developers of Artifact say that the news manager is still in development, it can already be installed on iPhone or Android phones. The public version has a few more features than what was in the closed beta.

The first thing to note is that the application includes the first page with articles that artificial intelligence considers the most relevant. But it also introduces a second tab called Titles (Headings in English), where current content from various sources is grouped.

The third section shows our profile and contains some very interesting features. On the one side, The artifact counts how many articles we read and how many consecutive days we used the app.. In addition, it allows you to access your saved links to view later, as well as access your reading history. It is worth clarifying that to enter the latter, you must read at least 10 news.

Another interesting element of Artifact is that it includes statistics on the most read categories and media. But that’s not all, as it gives you the option to sync your mobile contacts to see who’s also using it. In the event that our acquaintances use the application, we will be able to see which topics are the most popular in said “network”.

Artifact uses AI to improve news reading

Setting up Artifact is really very simple. When installing the application, we will have to choose which topics we want to see articles and news on, and we can even add paid subscriptions it means you like it New York Times, bloomberg or Wall Street Magazineamong others.

The application does not require an email or the creation of a username and password to use it, although it does allow us to associate our profile with a phone number so as not to lose settings.

The creators of Artifact assure that you need to read about 25 articles in two weeks for the algorithm to correctly personalize feed main. Therefore, it is likely that at first we will see articles that are not very relevant to our interests, or that are up to two or three days old.

It is also important to note that if we hold a post, we will see a secondary menu with several options. there we can give “I don’t like” to certain content so they don’t appear frequently. Or even hide certain sources of information, silence them, or even report them.

Also, from the Artifact configuration, you can request content from specific media. We only need to enter the website address or feed RSS, and the app will take care of the rest.

At first glance, Artifact still seems far from being a revolutionary news manager. There is potential, yes.. But it remains to be seen whether, over time, artificial intelligence will begin to work its magic and really make the application unique.

Source: Hiper Textual

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