It was an open secret that Google will present its first smartwatch at this Google I/O 2022.. They bought Fitbit a year and a half ago to have the manufacturer’s experience in the industry. Now, after a flood of rumors that we have learned almost all of its secrets, Pixel Watch is now official.

As we told you, this is google’s first smartwatch so there is pressure to enter a market dominated by the bitten apple giant Apple Watch. To compete, Google has equipped its Pixel Watch with the best technologies, as you’ll see later.

That yes, the presentation is very caffeine-free because they haven’t confirmed its specs, but we’ll combine what they said at Google I/O 2022 with previous leaks since then, certainly what they said about the Pixel Watch, we already knew it beforehand.

Pixel Watch design and features

At the aesthetic level, we find a model that bets on a model. traditional design to be presented as a circular dial watchDespite being under the globe, it has the best technology on the market. This smart watch, which has two sizes, 40 and 44 mm, has very interesting features.

We’ll start by talking about you OLED display to provide an image quality that will leave no room for doubt, and to allow you to see any notifications on the sunniest days.

How could it be otherwise on a device with these features andl Pixel Watch will offer all kinds of sensors to monitor every step you take, Including GPS, pedometer, blood oxygen level sensor, electrocardiogram and 24-hour heart rate monitor… A quality product that has nothing to envy its rival, the Apple Watch.

It should be added to Different tools based on Fitbit solutions so you can control any physical activity you do or monitor your physical condition in the most comfortable way.

Google announced hIt will open the first version of WiFi in addition to the LTE model So you can make a call or connect to the Internet without having to pick up your mobile phone. Another remarkable detail comes with the operating system. As expected, the Pixel Watch runs Wear OS 3.1, the Android 11-based operating system jointly developed by Google and Samsung.

Pixel Watch price and release date

We don’t know any more details about the device at this time, so we’ll have to wait for the big G to reveal more about the device. What they confirm is that A phone running Android 8 or higher and a Google account are required to use this premium smartwatch.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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