Astronomer Mary McIntyre claims her access has been blocked. excitement in August 2022 for sharing a simple video meteor🇧🇷 According to the platform’s automatic inspection tool, the video was categorized as “candid content” and so the scientist’s profile was blocked – perhaps sincere for planet Earth?

The biggest problem is that the video is really a meteor and doesn’t contain sexual content, as Twitter pointed out. After receiving a notification of the incident, McIntyre decided to delete the tweet, but his account was blocked shortly after. He has since tried to appeal online, but it has been three months since the blockade.

“This is crazy… I really don’t want it to be recorded that I’m posting pornographic material when I didn’t. I miss interaction. I feel disconnected from the world of astronomy,” the astronomer told the BBC.

banned from twitter

According to him, other astronomers shared a meteor video of him and were not penalized for it – the account still appears, but no longer has access to it. US meteorologist Ryan Vaughan had a similar situation when he was flagged for sexual content while sharing a video of farm harvesters.

According to technology commentator Kate Bevan, the experience shows how limited the artificial intelligence (AI) tools that Twitter and other networks use widely. In an interview with the BBC, he points out that AIs are reliable for quick decisions, but can fail in situations like the astronomer’s experience.

“The situation is even worse when there is no one to review the AI’s bad decisions. In addition to injustice, it means that the AI ​​model does not receive feedback and therefore can never learn to improve,” Bevan told the British publication. .

Source: Tec Mundo

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