All indications are that 2023 will be the year we finally see Apple’s augmented reality glasses, also known as apple glass. Proof of this are rumors pointing to an imminent launch, as well as numerous leaks about features and technical details. However, the latest news about this next device goes a little further. Images have emerged showing some of the internal components of this viewer.

Photos of the components of Apple’s augmented reality glasses, in particular, were published by an anonymous Twitter user, who, according to makrumurausually shares “accurate information” about Apple components.

They show what they seem tapes that will surround the edges of the lenses and which will be used to connect the display components to the board. The other image shows strip with different cameras or sensors which can be aimed at recognizing facial or environmental expressions.

Unfortunately, the user doesn’t seem to have shared any images of the goggle body, so it’s hard to say what the design will be like. However, the rounded shape of the ribbon seems to indicate that the Apple Glass will be round., although they may not necessarily inherit the look of regular glasses. In fact, some renders show a helmet that looks more like the Meta Quest.

The design team advised against releasing Apple glasses this year.

Curiously, a few hours before these images appeared on the web, Financial Times It turned out that the project participants advised not to announce Apple Glass in 2023. Cause? concerns for its design. The Cupertino firm’s design team suggested waiting until lighter glasses were ready.

Tim Cook and JHowever, Eff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, they put pressure on the team to have the first version ready this year with a design less similar to that of traditional glasses.

At the moment, the release date of Apple Glass is unknown, but it is likely that we will see the first official details during WWDC 2023, which may take place in June.

Source: Hiper Textual

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