Second Life is a 3D virtual world and a platform filled with user-generated content where people can interact in real time. It was released in June 2003 by Linden Lab and is freely available on the Internet. It is much more than a game as it does not have a specific mission and is home to a thriving global economy.

This is said to be the first metaverse, and in fact June 2023 marks 20 years online.

In honor of this, a mobile version of the game is now being released. It will presumably work on Android and iOS devices. Linden Lab has chosen the Unity engine to build its Second Life mobile viewer.

According to the San Francisco-based company, Second Life Mobile will provide a virtual world that is essentially on par with that available through desktop systems. The developers have had to make some small compromises, but the “complex behavior” of user avatars and the “rich” 3D world of Second Life must still be accessible to residents.

Linden Lab recently posted a short video on their community forum to announce that Second Life will soon have a mobile counterpart.

Second Life Mobile – first look

At the moment, the unambitious goal is to have over 20,000 users per month, which Meta has had so far with the bad experience of Horizon Worlds.

Source: Digital Trends

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