Richard Donner once spoke of his vision Superman and insisted that the hero COLUMBIA REGION he had an unsettling side, despite his admitted kindness and incorruptible morality. For the director responsible for bringing the character to the big screen in 1978, the last son kryptonian he was something else powerful alien. Among the atypical superhero films, this one also features a space visitor with detailed knowledge of the people who can impersonate them. According to the director, it was reassuring that he adhered to the values ​​​​of our planet and did not throw them a fierce challenge.

This is a premise that has interested the cinematic world since before the superhero revolution. What happens when a person gains all sorts of uncontrollable abilities? Will it always go for good, as the most popular comics suggest? Can the absence of physical or other limitations turn someone into an evil being?

Speculating on the effect of unlimited abilities is part of the sinister side of heroic figures. Especially when it comes to our culture’s need to emphasize extraordinary ability. However, an excellent attribute is not always an important responsibility, sometimes it becomes the most formidable weapon.

We leave you with five atypical superhero movies that tell stories in which strength is more than just an advantage. It is also a study of human nature, good and evil. But in particular, how terrible can be a being who knows that nothing can stop him. Perhaps the most intriguing exception in the ever-growing universe of superhero characters.

Brightburn: Son of Darkness

David Yaroveski’s film does not hide its influence. This tale of what could have happened if Superman were anything other than a well-meaning alien is horrifying because of the subtext it explores. Directed and directed by James Gunn, it becomes part of the atypical superhero horror film genre. Beyond that, it is a reflection of the nature of evil and how the power can awaken a dark, hidden part in any person.

Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) appears to be an ordinary boy from rural America until he discovers his amazing past. Believing that he is the adopted son of a couple in love, he turns out to be part of some mysterious civilization, from which he inherited colossal abilities. In the first step, the script nods directly to the DC character. But it soon becomes clear that the story will take new paths. Which includes the child’s self-knowledge of what it means that nothing in the world he knows can stop him.


Packed with sheer gore and a chilling ending, this take on the atypical superhero movie genre takes the idea of ​​an evolving villain into new arenas. At the same time, it makes it clear that superior physical and mental abilities are no guarantee of virtue. An element in which the tape insists on a dark epilogue about who Brando will become.

HancockWill Smith and atypical superhero films

Typically, a superhero is considered a glorified symbol in the city in which he lives. With the exception of Hancock played by Will Smith who whips Angels like a big disaster. With exceptional strength and all sorts of physical qualities, this man is more of a threat than a comforting figure. Not for lack of good intentions. His desire to help is obvious, even if the methods he uses are more than dubious. Even more serious is the ambiguity of his personality. For a disgruntled superhero, good and evil have all sorts of gradations.

Hancock try to find a role model. Also to improve public relations. A very mundane decision in a figure as tall as a demigod. However, the script by Vince Gilligan and Vincent Ngo shows the character on the brink of collapse. With no memory of his past and convinced that he is completely different in a world that isolates him, he struggles to understand his obligations. What is the duty of a hero in real life?

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In atypical superhero films, the plot Hancock he’s witty enough to turn the film into a tragi-comic film until a change in tone turns it into something else. In his second half, the evil protagonist becomes a tragic figure who reveals a complex love story. Having become an ineffective combination of philosophical reflection and drama, the film loses its ability to discuss spiritual duality. However, he retains some of his bitter vision of extraordinary attributes and how they can be understood.

old guard

Andy (Charlize Theron) and her group of mercenaries have accumulated all the knowledge in a very long life. Enough to believe that any of them could be immortal. But without a clear assurance that they are invulnerable, every day becomes a risk.

Among the atypical superhero films, this is an action film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood based on the comic book of the same name by Greg Rookie. A feature film that offers reflections on predestination in the figure of a superhero. What if eternal life were the only power against an implacable enemy?

The plot gets more complicated as Andy and his team face off against a modern enemy. An adversary who wants not to defeat them, but to carefully study their ability to regenerate and longevity. It is then that each of these anti-heroes, aged, wounded by time and disillusioned with the concept of good, must make a decision. Will they lose the gift of eternal life without a fight? Will they eventually die without finding a purpose superior to them? The movie, which will have a sequel on Netflix, leaves questions unanswered but has the knack to make them relevant in the long run.

Guardians: Watchers

Before Zack Snyder was involved in DC’s failed attempt to bring the universe to the big screen, he presided over the story and visual oddity that still strikes among atypical superhero films to this day. watchman, written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibson, is unanimously considered one of the best graphic novels of all time. At the same time, the most difficult to adapt.

Therefore, the decision to film a film version raised suspicions, fan complaints, and concerns for the integrity of the source material. The project moved from production companies to studios until it landed with Warner Bros., which green-lit a project that spared no effort.

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From an astronomical budget for atypical superhero films to trying to adapt each of the original plot’s complex arcs. The tape went beyond the industry for the genre and became an author’s work. And as if that weren’t enough, the narrative of a group of powerful individuals with a dark past has reached a level of astounding quality.

Fourteen years after its premiere, the feature film continues to be considered a cult classic among fans. At the same time, a demonstration that superhero stories can reach their limits for full novelties and adults. The subject that watchman He excels in every one of his scenes.

protegeone of the best atypical superhero movies

Becoming one of the most recognized directors in Hollywood for his success in Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan decided to tell a story from the genre of atypical superhero films. This included an invulnerable man and a possible secret that would make him an envious hero. At the time, it was an inconceivable courage. Iron Man was still seven years away from release and, in fact, much of the superhero genre had been belittled by Hollywood.

But the director told the intimate story of a simple man, faced with inexplicable circumstances, who had to unravel the secret of his identity at the cost of his family and future. The protégé surprised comic book fans. out of power David Dunn (Bruce Willis) was a tragic tale of moral growth. At the same time, a completely new look at the huge possibilities.

Having become a trilogy, the film has become an odd part of an often underestimated genre. However, two decades after its premiere, it is considered a brilliant work that has opened up new space for unique characters that redefine the behavior of the traditional hero on the big screen.

Source: Hiper Textual

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