What will be the release date of the first MacBook with an OLED display?

If you’re considering upgrading your old Mac, maybe you should wait a little longer…

Apple may be planning to launch an OLED MacBook

Various rumors about it converge on the same idea. Possible launch of a MacBook with OLED display. If these rumors are true, Apple should already be working on the R&D of the MacBook with OLED display. But when does the company plan to launch this product? In this article, we will tell you when it will happen and highlight some of its most interesting details.

Apparently, the company with the bitten apple logo plans to switch to OLED on all its devices. Currently, all iPhone and Apple Watch models have this technology. But there are some products from the Apple catalog such as iPad and Mac. they haven’t adopted OLED panels yet. It won’t take long though… Apple has already requested OLED panels from Samsung and LG Display for its 2024 iPad Pro.

What advantages does OLED technology offer in a MacBook?

Current generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Displays with LCD or mini LED panels. While the 13-inch models still use LCD screens, the 14-inch and 16-inch models have been updated with mini LED technology.

As 9to5mac told us, mini-LED technology has some advantages and disadvantages over OLED displays. But it still excels thanks to OLED panels purity of blacks and excellent energy efficiency. Also, the panels thinner and lighter.

Compared to LCD screens, OLED screens have a higher color accuracyA wider viewing angle, pure blacks, more contrast and more brightness. The change to the MacBook product category will definitely work.

When will the first MacBook with OLED display be introduced?

Macbook Air

MacBook Air is a serious candidate to take on OLED technology

According to the information given by the popular analyst Ming Chi KuoThe first MacBook with an OLED display will be released in late 2024 at the earliest.

on his behalf Ross Young Moreover confirmed the informationThe goal is for Apple to offer a MacBook in 2024 along with an iPad Pro, where both products have OLED displays. We don’t know if the first Mac with an OLED display will be the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro, but some rumors suggest it will be the “Air” model.

Source: i Padizate

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