He Samsung Galaxy S10 it was a great addition to Samsung’s hardware lineup in 2019, but it looks like the company has finally abandoned it after the final update.

According to Droid Life, this week we saw the last security update for the Galaxy S10 before it ends official support. While it’s not confirmed that S10 owners won’t see another update if something major needs to be fixed, it looks like it could be for the smartphone lineup in terms of regular scheduled updates.

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Galaxy S10 Plus.
Julian Chokkattu/DIgital Trends

Samsung has promised four years of security updates for the S10 lineup. This gives the series a pretty good shot as it exits the window this month for more support. This doesn’t mean the Galaxy S10 series isn’t worth buying for those who don’t care about the latest devices hitting the market, but it does mean it will fall further and further behind Android every month. the software gets better and the S10 stays the same.

Source: Digital Trends

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