iPad Pro Revolution: Major update with OLED display and launch in 2024

Apple won’t be offering any new iPad Pros during WWDC23 or for the rest of the year.

iPad Pro will revolutionize the market with OLED displays

A big revolution is coming in the tablet industry Apple is preparing a big update for a launch that will last through 2024 with very important changes and other hardware innovations in its line of iPad products with hybrid technology with OLED screens.

These innovations about the new generation iPad Pro will have a great impact on the market. Let’s remember that the sales figures of the iPad have dominated the sector for many years and that its success cannot be prevented with the implementation of OLED screens.

Apple will launch a new iPad Pro with OLED display in spring 2024

Mark Gurman stated in his recent post for Bloomberg: The launch of the new iPad Pro with OLED screen will take place in the spring of 2024. As a counterpoint to that, it’s very likely that we won’t be attending the rollout of any iPad Pro updates this year.

This has already been more or less known since the beginning of the year, and in our analysis of which iPad models will be available in 2023, we saw no reason for Apple to introduce a new iPad Pro this year. However Adoption of OLED technology would be reason enough. To refresh the iPad Pro line.

The development of the iPad Pro with an OLED display must have progressed quite a bit by now. Otherwise, Mark Gurman would not have dared to make such specific statements. In addition, Apple requested mass production of OLED panels from Samsung and LG in February of 2023.

“The next iPad Pro is scheduled for release in spring 2024 at the earliest.”

The “big changes” that Mark Gurman talks about relates to the development of hybrid OLED panel technology. a rigid glass substrate and a flexible encapsulation layer. This technology will enable the creation of much thinner OLED panels.

Unfortunately, the new iPad Pros with OLED screens will have the most exorbitant prices ever.

On the other hand, Mark Gurman also suggested that Apple plans to present up to three different models of Mac products at WWDC23: 13-inch MacBook AirA 15-inch MacBook Air and one 13 inch Macbook Pro.

We will continue to pay attention to all news related to Development of the iPad Pro with OLED displayalthough everything seems to indicate that we should continue to wait until 2024.

Source: i Padizate

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