The Ministry of Economic Development has drafted a bill that simplifies the establishment of experimental legal regimes (EPR), according to the agency’s website. This will allow companies to conveniently and efficiently test technological innovations.

The Ministry of Economic Development will simplify the introduction of innovative technologies for companies

EPR is a special regime that overrides general regulation while digital innovations are tested.

Vladimir Voloshin, Director of the Digital Economy Department of the Ministry of Economic Development, noted that the department is preparing a federal project “Regulatory regulation of the digital environment”, which will include measures to simplify the EPR mechanism. We are talking about reducing the time of consideration of documents, softening the requirements for companies and individual entrepreneurs. It also provides protection for ongoing experiments in cases where new laws come into force that may interfere with the process.

According to Voloshin, today there are four EPRs in the field of unmanned vehicles, including air transport. The department is preparing new projects in the field of personal medical assistants for remote monitoring of patients. The installation of EPR is also planned in the field of investment in construction and in the field of land control using drones. In total, there are 18 such projects in the department’s work.

To become a subject of the EPR, you must:

  • develop your own draft EPR program
  • describe the essence of experimental innovation
  • indicate which legal regulations hinder the implementation of the developments
  • justify your proposal in terms of benefits to society

Today, this option is available to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, government agencies and local governments.

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Source: RB

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