California-based Marine Advanced Robotics has made significant strides in building the WAM-V, an unusual modular ship that was prototyped 16 years ago.

WAM-V is an ultralight catamaran with wave-absorbing struts, between which nah. Outwardly, the ship resembles a giant water strider. Such a design requires excellent maneuverability and stability during movement – including the number?

Catamaran WAM-V

The ability to quickly respond to changing structure at sea must be compatible with modular quick-disconnect interfaces, using fast-switching operators of engines, payloads, sensors and instruments, depending on the task being performed. WAM-V can be controlled from the cab as well as remotely.

Catamaran WAM-V

The design of WAM-V allows the production of a vessel of various sizes, from 30 to 2.4 meters. If necessary, his “legs” sit down – in a teak position up to four five-meter kaararano. The vessel can be equipped with an internal combustion engine or an electric motor.

Marine Advanced Robotics already manufactures 2.4m, 4.8m and 6.7m “basic” strut boats. Faster sizes are available on request.

Source: Tech Cult

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