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82 arrested and 58 luxury cars returned in one of the largest anti-car theft police operations ever.


It all started in February last year, when the police arrested a Romanian citizen on the border with Slovakia, who He was driving with forged documents, owned by a Spanish rental company. It was registered 10 days earlier in Murcia and delivered to the company in Barcelona.

This could have been an isolated incident, but literally a few days later the same incident repeated itself: another expensive car tried to cross the border of Slovakia with fake documents. It was also owned by a Spanish rental company and was registered in Murcia.

After two months of investigation, the National Police succeeded in demanding criminal network operating in 6 Spanish provinces. General 82 people were arrested, 58 luxury cars were found.and the end of the fraudulent business that would have reached 10 million euros:

The recovered vehicles ranged from Porsches to trucks. They were all owned by Spanish rental or car rental companies.

The organization acted in 6 different provinces with branches in 20 provinces, and groups of people with different roles who did not know each other. All this in order to mislead the police.

As our colleague Noelia Lopez explained at Auto Bild, on the one hand, they excellent students, that they obtained the cars by leasing them to leasing companies through the companies either under their own name or under false names.

They were delivered to intermediarieswho “whitewashed” cars and forged their documentation in order to bring them to the legal market.

Finally mules they provided their data in exchange for financial compensation in order to be able to record it in their own name and then sell it abroad. In many cases, it was about the business of selling cars.

During the operation, they seized, in addition to 58 high class stolen cars, 3 tractors worth €400,000 and €24,000 in cash.. Some of the vehicles contain caches, indicating that they may have been used to transport drugs.

Another 50 cars with a history similar to those seized are under investigation.

This is one of the most important operations in recent years, in fight against car theft.

Source: Computer Hoy

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