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Realme’s high-end tablet specs leaked online and it’s coming sooner than expected


The arrival of Realme to our borders was good news, the Chinese company has landed to compete head-to-head with manufacturers like Xiaomi. In recent years, he managed to settle down and put down appropriate roots, which later prompted the manufacturer to start introducing a huge number of devices.

Among all these devices, there is a type of product that draws particular attention, and it is that, to date, the success of tablets has seemed to apply to the company with the bitten apple. Yes, Samsung and Huawei have remained on the defensive, trying to grab the attention of users with constant offerings..

But to be clear, the iPad has always been the king of tablets, and this has forced other manufacturers to take other paths to avoid running into the Cupertino company. Now it seems that things have changed And the fact that companies like Realme have started betting on this type of product could be the key to success.

Just a few months ago, Realme launched the Realme Pad on the market., a tablet that we were able to test and which, in terms of features and design, left us with a very good impression. The family has grown quickly with the recent launch of the Realme Pad Mini, which we also got to test. Of course, realme 9 4G and realme 9 5G were also introduced in this edition.

Now, the latest leaks suggest that Realme already has a new tablet.yes This time around the tablet will be targeting a higher range and that can be deduced from the name, realme Pad X. So far, the information has been leaked that it will have an 11-inch screen with 2K resolution and blue color support. light filter

This screen will be accompanied by four Dolby Atmos-compatible speakers, allowing multimedia experiences to compete with the big leagues. Yes indeed what has been leaked suggests that the screen will be an LCD screen and, on top of that, will have a 120Hz refresh rate. to be able to compete with Samsung or Huawei offerings.

Inside this Realme Pad X you can find a processor signed Qualcomm, which a few years ago would have been the Snapdragon 870 used in high-end devices, but given the low power efficiency of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, this could be more than an interesting option.

Moreover, another interesting fact is that the tablet would fast charge 33 W which, in principle, would be more than enough to charge the battery in a short period of time, which should be more than 6400 for Realme Pad Mini. We will be attentive to comment on any details that will appear about this tablet.

Source: Computer Hoy

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