In recent months there has been an opportunity to talk about a particularly important detail regarding the brand’s foldable smartphones Samsungwhich according to what was recently expected by Ice Universe they will have the chance to re-launch themselves in August and could offer a feature that many other major players in the foldable device market have already had to fix.

We are talking specifically about the structure of the hinge and the folding screens, which in earlier models allows users to feel a slight increase in the screen in the folding area, which apparently will not be eliminated in the next devices from the company.

It is a detail that has not yet been confirmed by Samsung, which in fact has not had the opportunity to announce the device in question, but it must be said that Ice Universe is particularly authoritative in the sector, and consequently we can expect that which has been anticipated, may it feel real.

In each case, the new hinge would still be better than seen in the past for raising the screen, which would definitely be less visible and perceptible to the users, although obviously we won’t be able to get more details about the situation until the giant can announce folding devices.

Source: Lega Nerd

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