One of the most talked about features of Windows 11fortunately in the positive, it is the one that allows the operating system of the Redmond house to emulate applications android, making them work correctly on computers as if they were devices with this operating system. The novelty has been delayed several times, with a debut some users expected to take place with the arrival of Windows 11 on the market, but that the real thing hasn’t arrived yet.

It must be said that in the United States, thanks to the cooperation with Amazon, it is possible to use the digital Store of the giant to use some Android apps. Particularly intriguing news in this sense was reported on the pages of XDA Developerswhich discussed how the company should finally have the possibility to implement the functionality in question for several other countries by the end of 2022, fortunately including Italy.

Devices with Windows 11 will therefore be able to better manage Android apps in just a few months thanks to the corresponding subsystem officially implemented by Microsoft. While we’re talking about the ability to manage Android installations on your computer with Windows 11, we’re not talking about it yet more accurate start window which has the ability to outline the date or even the month in which we will be dealing with the position in question.

This is certainly a particularly long-awaited novelty and could be a way to exponentially improve the potential of Microsoft’s operating system, and in fact all that remains is to wait for further news from the company, which we hope will soon comment. can give on the situation with more information. exactly about the debut of the functionality also in Italy.

Source: Lega Nerd

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