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Technology and artificial intelligence have changed tennis, from training to matches


With Roland Garros being one of the world’s premier sporting events today, following the recent conclusion of the UEFA Champions League final held in the same country, there has been a renewed debate about how it evolves from the world of tennis.

This racket sport has been considered one of the most demanding sports for many years, especially considering that Basically it is an individual sport.which usually has quite a long duration in its matches.

This sport was one of the first to open its arms to the use of technology, if it is controlled and really contributes to the improvement of the sport.

we accept as main stronghold inclusion of hawkeyea technological tool that allows, using a set of cameras and sensors, to determine whether the ball has touched the line when hit or served, which allows for limited use of tennis players during the match.

Rafa Nada, one of the greatest tennis legends in the world


But the use of technology has not stopped at its direct inclusion in competitions or matches, and it is in this sport that there are no external factors and where all actions are individualized, technology also plays an important role when it comes to training and clashes between tennis players..

And the fact is that this sport is largely dependent on technology, but at a time when technically all players have excellent repertoire and quality, tactics also take on a certain value, and all this is thanks to technology.


What is artificial intelligence?

Today’s tennis practice almost entirely supported by artificial intelligence or statistical applications who strive to become better and meet matches in a very different way than before.

Data on how many forehands or backhanders they miss, what percentage of points they lose in long plays, the percentage of first or second serve effective, volley winners… There is a lot of data that can help train a tennis player..

Artificial intelligence has helped in this area by learning patterns that humans may never be able to see and that tennis players and coaches already have access to, allowing for greater specialization and individualization of errors.

This allows coaches to know where they should focus on in preparing their tennis players, and in turn, this data can serve as a guideline when it comes to knowing how to tactically counter our opponents by looking for their weak spots.

An example of this is the excellent performance of Carlos Alcaraz, one of the rising stars of the ATP circuit, who, in addition to enviable technique and physique, demonstrates an excellent knowledge of how to counter his opponents.

This type of technology and data has changed tennis, and using it properly, plus the help of artificial intelligence, can significantly elevate the level of tennis players, making the competition ever fiercer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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