Recently, experts refuted the discovery of a study conducted in South Korea where scientists suggested the development of a superconducting material capable of operating at room temperature. Now, a real discovery about superconductivity could help science understand some of the barriers and behavior of superconductors.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, a team of scientists from higher education institutions at Emory University and Stanford University in the United States, The discovery concerns the phenomenon of oscillating superconductivity. – oscillating events are thought to be rarer than ordinary superconductivity.

The study explains that under normal conditions, superconductivity involves an “electron partnership” known as Cooper pairs. Therefore, a superconductor can move between materials without losing much energy as heat. In the case of oscillating superconductivity, Cooper pairs move in a wave-like fashion and have relatively higher temperatures. — currently, superconductors only work in extremely cold temperatures.

“We found that structures known as Van Hove singularities can produce states of modulating and oscillating superconductivity. Our study provides a new theoretical framework for understanding how this behavior occurs, a phenomenon that is not fully understood,” said one of the study authors and Emory University. physicist Luiz Santos.

oscillating superconductivity

Van Hove singularities are structures in which the energy of electrons can change in some types of materials, creating oscillating states. Therefore, expertsIn the future, a better understanding of the subject may help develop a superconductor operating at room temperature..

In an official statement, Emory University explains that oscillating superconductivity is not fully explained by the current science definition of the subject, so knowing more about the field could be helpful in future exploration. In any case, it’s important to emphasize that this isn’t a work that claims to be revolutionary or develops a unique material, as in the superconductor LK-99 research.

“One of the holy grails of physics is superconductivity, which is practical enough for everyday applications at room temperature. This breakthrough could change the shape of civilization… As theoretical physicists, we want to be able to predict and classify behaviors to understand how nature works. Then we can start asking technologically relevant questions,” explains Santos. .

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