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Sony clear: smartphones will kill DSLRs sooner than expected


Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) President and CEO Terushi Shimizu stated at a business meeting that “we hope the photos [de los teléfonos inteligentes] surpasses the image quality of single-lens reflex cameras for years to come“.

Some of the slides presented at the briefing were even more specific, one of them showing what, according to Sony, “Still images are expected to outperform the image quality of interchangeable lens cameras.Somewhere in 2024

These are two slightly different claims, as “ILC” also includes modern mirrorless cameras, as well as older DSLR technologies that most camera manufacturers are ditching.

But the general conclusion remains that, without reaching the technological ceiling, Smartphones are expected to continue to advance in the field of image processing. and, for most people, make traditional cameras unnecessary.

What technologies will drive this continued growth in the number of best phone cameras? Sony points to some factors such as “quantum saturation” and improvements in “AI processing”. Interestingly, Sony also expects the sensor size in “high model” phones to double by 2024.

The larger pixels in these sensors will allow phone makers to apply multi-frame processing that “makes the new image a reality,” he says. including advanced Super HDR and zoom modes that combine AI-fold optics.


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Sony also talked about the development of its “Dual Layer Transistor Pixel Technology”.which we already heard about last year and which promises to drastically improve dynamic range in phone cameras and help reduce noise in low light.

According to the Sony presentation, Similar advances will also take place in video, with faster readout rates from next-generation sensors capable of capturing 8K video.multi-frame processing and the general implementation of “AI video processing”.

In other words, computational video techniques such as Apple Cinematic Mode. Although Sony often makes bold predictions about a sector in which it has invested a lot of money and time.

And this is important for all smartphones because, according to Statista, Sony accounts for 42% of the global phone sensor market.

Source: Computer Hoy

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