Nowadays, thanks to applications, we can access a wide range of digital services easily and quickly. There are so many and so diverse that we are increasingly dependent on our mobile phones.

But sometimes, The use of these platforms may work against us. Especially when its consumption threatens the performance of our mobile phone. That’s why at Tech Bit we explain which apps you should use carefully to prevent the device’s battery from draining.


in 2021 pCloud, a cloud storage-focused company based in Switzerland, conducted the Hidden Phone Killers research To choose the apps that consume the most mobile phone battery.

For the report, the company analyzed nearly 100 applications popular, as well as the associated permissions and functions that come with its uses, such as location, camera, and battery.

fitbit, Focusing on health and fitness and VerizonIt is at the top of this list, specializing in mobile telephony and coming pre-installed on its customers’ devices. Both use 92% of the mobile phone’s battery by running 14 of the mobile phone’s 16 functions in the background (processes that occur when the phone is not in use). APPLICATION location, camera, step counting, etc.) according to pCloud research.

Six of the 20 applications that consume the mobile phone’s battery the most are social networks, and three are dating-oriented.

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Uber and Skype Use 87%, then Facebook and Airbnb with 82% and instagram with 79%. Other apps with similar percentages include: Tinder, Bumble, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Zoom, YouTube (This APPLICATION It is much more aggressive on battery when using high video quality and forces you to keep the screen on to watch videos),, Amazon and Telegram. All with 77%.

Platforms focusing on the professional field such as LinkedIn and Microsoft Teams They are also a major enemy of mobile device performance, consuming 72% of batteries. They are followed closely by Twitter (69%), Shazam and Spotify (67%), and Pinterest (64%).

Those who like to watch TV series and movies on streaming platforms should know that Amazon Prime and Netflix use 62% of their mobile phone’s battery. Same amount as Tik Tok.


Duolingo, SoundCloud and Uber Eats are at the bottom of the list with 56%.

Social networking and dating applications are the applications that affect mobile phone performance the most due to the amount of battery they consume in the foreground and background. When using them, you can take this into account so that your device remains optimized.

Tech Bit – El Universal (Mexico) – GDA

Source: Exame

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