Leaky Moore’s Law Is Dead has posted information about Intel’s future Meteor and Arrow Lake processors in its new video on YouTube. 14th and 15th generation Intel CPUs use a new socket: LGA 2551.

The new 38 x 46 mm socket is slightly larger than the LGA 1700 used for the current Intel Alder Lake series (12th generation). Moore’s Law is Dead predicts a 12 to 21 percent increase in IPC (instructions per cycle). Expect slightly slower clock speeds than Raptor Lake (Intel’s upcoming 13th generation CPUs), estimated at between 4.2 and 4.8 GHz.

For laptops there will be Meteor Lake processors with 2 + 8 and 6 + 8 configurations (performance cores + efficiency cores), for desktop it will likely be 8 + 16 cores.

Moore’s Law Is Dying expects the first Meteor Lake CPUs for laptops in June/July 2023. Desktop variants won’t appear until the fourth quarter of that year.

Not much is known about Arrow Lake yet, except that the performance cores in this series are starting to use the Lion Cove architecture, which is said to be a project by renowned microarchitectural engineer Jim Keller. Arrow Lake could potentially be a significant step forward in terms of performance gains as a result.

Intel’s Arrow Lake is also expected to fit in the LGA 2551 socket. The series is expected to debut in the second half of 2024.

Moore’s Law is Dead video from 9:15 PM about Meteor Lake.

Source: YouTube

Source: Hardware Info

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