Webshop B&H Photos created placeholder pages for two unknown Mac Minis. It could herald the announcement of new Mac Mini products at Apple’s WWDC conference, which starts tomorrow.

The first page is for the so called “Apple MAC MINI 8/256 M2”. The M2 would stop here for Apple’s soon-anticipated M2 chip. 8/256 means 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage.

The other page is for the “Apple MAC MINI TOWER 8/256 M1P” which looks like a new kind of “tower” version of a Mac Mini with the M1 Pro chip.

Otherwise the product pages are blank: no descriptions, features or images. A test page by B&H Photos may be unfounded suspicion or error. It’s just a coincidence that they were created so close to WWDC though, especially since the webshop is an “Authorized Reseller” of Apple products.

Mac Minis aren’t the only products to be announced at WWDC. Earlier this week, there were rumors about a new MacBook Air, again with the M2 chip. Apple’s WWDC conference will be held online again this year from tomorrow to Friday.

Sources: B&H Photos (1), (2)

Source: Hardware Info

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