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Some of the best sports watches we’ve tested have been reduced in price to under 200 euros.


If you’re an athlete, you can almost take it for granted that you already have a sports watch at home, usually from specialist brands like Garmin, although technology lags behind in terms of battery life and sensor accuracy in mainstream sports.

One of the best models we have been able to test is The newly released Huawei Watch GT 3 with amazing accuracy in measuring various physical parameters. such as the distance covered, pace or heart rate, but what is even more surprising is its price: in the official store of the brand, it costs only 189 euros.

In our analysis, we’re looking at everything they can and also what they can’t, as while it can be considered one of the best sports watches of 2022, it lacks features like NFC, so if you’re looking for a smartwatch to pay in stores, you will have to consider other options.

The battery is delivered without much problem a week, although you can stretch it up to 10 days for a little saving, it all depends on the amount of exercise you do and, above all, on the use of GPS, the component that consumes the most energy. long away.

Measure up to 100 different actionsincluding the most common, such as running or cycling, as well as swimming, yoga or rock climbing.

Appearance is another strong point of it, as it does not look like a sports model, but like a classic, which undoubtedly has its audience among those who do not want a flashy watch, but rather a discreet one that you can wear to work, but and day after day without the need to attract much attention.

Tips and Guide to Buying a Sports Watch

One of the few downsides to bet on it, aside from the lack of NFC, is the lack of compatibility with third-party apps like Spotify or Google Fit, though Huawei’s software, including the Health app, does show everything you need to see clearly and intuitively.

As with other stores, Huawei eStore offers free shipping on this order to any part of Spain, so the purchase will be at your home in a few days.

Source: Computer Hoy

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