homosexuality in animals nonhumans are very common. Both between men and women. Sometimes these are stable homosexual couples, sometimes they are simple sexual fun. But what is clear is that, contrary to the assertions of some conservative circles, being gay is something as natural as life itself. So what are the benefits of being gay?

Heterosexual sex has explicit evolutionary advantage: Preserve the view. This is why it persists across species as they evolve. What about homosexual relationships? This question has been asked by many scientists, and now it may finally be answered thanks to a study published by Spanish researchers in Natural communications.

This study consists of two parts. On the one side, quantifies homosexuality in animals. That is, it looks at species that exhibit this type of behavior and classifies them. But, on the other hand, also look for an explanation. In fact, they found two hypotheses: one related to social connections and another one related to aggression in adults.

Homosexuality in Animals: Something Very Common

In fact, this study, more than homosexuality in animals in general, focuses on homosexuality in mammals.

Analyzing the scientific literature on this topic, its authors were convinced that 4300 species members of the class of mammals, this type of behavior was observed in 261, which means 4%.

If we delve deeper into the classification, we will see that half of the families mammals exhibit homosexual behavior, and if we go up one step, in an order spanning different families, there will appear 63% of orders which include some species with homosexual practices.

The aggression hypothesis is found only in men. Photo: David J. Stang (Wikimedia Commons)

Evolutionary Advantages

If homosexuality in animals were something random, without any benefit, then it would not have been discovered when studying the relationships between species. common thread. It will not be selected.

However, when the authors of this study analyzed the different branches of the tree of life, they saw that this thread actually exists. Mammals with homosexual behavior in the highest nodes gave rise to lower branches that retained homosexuality. That’s why, This indicates that there is some benefit to it.

In exploring this topic, the study’s authors made two proposals. On the one hand, it was noticed that species with more social behavior They are more prone to homosexual behavior. This indicates that homosexuality in animals is actually a form of strengthen connections between people. Actually, just like with people. You can’t talk about love with animals. We take it to this extreme, but couples between homosexual people are still the result of social connections just like heterosexual ones.

But, on the other hand, these scientists saw that those species that have more of them propensity to kill adults, there is also more homosexuality, only between men. That is, men who are more likely to kill other men are also more likely to engage in homosexual relationships with them. And this, again, would have an explanation, since it would be a way to relieve tension. If you please another man, he will probably lose his desire to kill you. This is a very simplified way of looking at it, but it is what it is.

One thing is clear: this is not about any perversion or disappointment in the desire to have sex, no matter with whom. Homosexuality has a reason, just like heterosexuality. This occurs in many mammals and, of course, in humans.

Source: Hiper Textual

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