Samsung tries again with its latest device but can’t keep up with Apple

Samsung’s latest device represents progress in its attempt to catch up with Apple, but it still fails to do so.

Samsung is trying but can’t beat Apple

There is Samsung and Apple main competitors in the smartphone market and what one company does is usually always compared to what another company does. In fact, Samsung has been the leading brand in smartphone sales for years, and this may change this year thanks to the iPhone 15. However, in this case we are not exactly talking about a smartphone.

Samsung has introduced a new device: Galaxy SmartTag 2. The next generation of the localized tag will try to rival Apple’s AirTags. Some AirTags whose second generation we may see soon. But it seems Korean brand will continue to stay away from Apple From this point.

Why can’t even Samsung launch a rival on the level of Apple’s AirTag?

Just like Apple has its own Search Network any of your devices can locate a lost AirTag and send its location to the owner, Samsung has the Galaxy Find Network To find your SmartTags. The problem is that the functioning of these networks is not the same.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Label

No matter how hard Samsung tries, AirTags are still superior

Any The world’s iPhone, iPad or Mac is capable of detecting a lost AirTagis a feature in the Search app that the vast majority of Apple users have enabled. But only The latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones have the ability to locate a lost SmartTagAdditionally, users must have given their consent beforehand.

Although Samsung’s idea is very similar to Apple’s, The number of devices that can detect the location of each company’s trackers is very different.. This makes Locating the AirTag is much faster and easier than locating the Galaxy SmartTagApple makes its device much superior in this regard.

At least, Galaxy SmartTag 2 includes UWB connectivity (Ultra Wide Band) provides more precise and faster positioning of the object. Something that’s been with Apple’s AirTag since its launch and this is very interesting, especially over short distances. This will improve the location decision but the issue will still exist when the user is away from the device.

Apple AirTags are a very rounded device that works really well. We’ve heard hundreds of stories of people who have managed to recover everything from a stolen car to a lost suitcase.

Source: i Padizate

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