Hundreds of years ago, scientists and ordinary people believed that Mars had a geological record of a society and was therefore inhabited by some form of intelligent life.

Years passed and scientists actually discovered that: There is no intelligent life on Mars and such geological structures are natural.. Regardless, many people continue to suggest that aliens exist on the red planet.

In recent years, conspiracists have claimed that there were records indicating the existence of intelligent life on Mars. Nearly 47 years ago, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released an image of the “Face of Mars” that allegedly featured a structure shaped like a human face.

For many people, this image is ‘hard evidence’ that alien beings exist on a celestial body or existed at some point in the past. However, in terms of science, there is no evidence of this; In fact, the North American space agency declares that it is a natural geological structure.

Non-alien objects on Mars

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the “Face of Mars” that inflamed conspiracists around the world. That’s why TecMundo has compiled a list with: Objects found on Mars that suggest signs of intelligent life, but are not. Check out!

face of mars

On July 25, 1976, the Viking 1 probe photographed an area of ​​Mars while searching for a place to land the Viking 2 spacecraft. When the image is published thousands of people were sure that this was evidence of alien life on the red planet.

However, when NASA photographed the area known as Cydonia Mensae from other angles, the structure did not show the same features; probably because it’s just a mountain.

“The smeary appearance of the image is caused by missing data called bit errors, which are caused by problems in transmitting photographic data from Mars to Earth. “Bit errors are caused by ‘eyes’ and ‘bit errors’ that resemble a human face near the center of the image in the eroded rock,” the US space agency said in an official statement. “It forms part of the nostrils,” he said.

Frozen Flowers

On February 24, 2022, the Curiosity rover photographed an image of lunar soil showing what looked like a frozen flower. Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists The formation is a structure consisting only of mineral deposits; in other words, it is nothing but a rock that looks like a flower.

The 'Mars flower' was photographed with the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) instrument on the Curiosity rover.

According to the space agency, the formation is so interesting that it could help scientists learn more about the history of liquid water in the Martian region known as Gale Crater.

“The ‘flower’, along with the spherical rock artefacts seen at right, were created in the ancient past when water-based minerals cemented rock. [A sonda] “Curiosity has discovered a wide variety of similar small features in the past that form as mineralizing fluids pass through channels in the rock,” explains NASA.

Martian on the surface of the red planet

In mid-2007, the Mars Reconnaissance mission’s Spirit rover photographed a panoramic view of a region called the Home Plate in Gusev crater. When you look at the bottom left of the picture, you can see a being that supposedly has human characteristics; But calm down, it’s nothing like that.

'Man on Mars' is just an illusion created by the human brain.

Of course, like most of the images on this list, is nothing more than a rock formation that confuses our imagination with the features of a humanoid being – a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

Rocks with tool marks

On March 31, 2021, NASA released an image of a rock that allegedly had drill marks on it. The scientific team responsible for the research has several hypotheses regarding the finding. but they are all formulated based on natural geological results. — and it wasn’t aliens this time.

It looks like there are drilled holes in the rock, but this is more of a natural geological formation.

“The team formulated many different hypotheses regarding this question: Is it something eroded from the local rock? Is it a piece of Mars that fell into the region due to a distant impact event? Is it a meteorite? Or is it something else?”, the rover team wrote on X ( formerly known as Twitter) published a message.

door on mars

On March 7, 2022, the Curiosity rover took a photo of the mountain called East Cliffs in the area known as Mount Sharp. The mountain has different natural structures, including a structure resembling a gate; In this case it will be a small door approximately 30 centimeters high and 40 centimeters wide.

The image was photographed by the Curiosity rover using the Mast Camera (Mastcam) device.

Despite different theories regarding the so-called door, NASA assures us that this is not a real door, just another case of pareidolia.

“Such open fractures are common in rocks on both Earth and Mars. The main panorama featured here was assembled using 113 images taken from the Mastcam’s left lens. NASA said: “The image is similar to what the human eye would see under normal daylight conditions on Earth. “It is rendered in a way that closely matches the color and brightness of the scene,” he explains.

What is pareidolia?

Pareidolia is a A psychological phenomenon that affects human visual perception and distorts the understanding of an abstract visual stimulus. In this way, people can transform image patterns into faces, human shapes, animals or objects. For example, it is the case when someone visualizes a person’s face in the so-called image of the “Face of Mars”; This is a perceptual error during observation.

In other words, the event causes a visual illusion that can affect the observer; For example, there is a very famous case when a person observed the face of Jesus Christ on a piece of toast.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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