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Telegram Premium is getting closer to reality, and that’s all it has to offer


In recent weeks, rumors about a premium version of Telegram have spread like wildfire. all indications are that the app and instant messaging service are planning to launch a paid version. The truth is that at first, this launch or bet didn’t seem worth it.

But what has happened is that it has been seen over the last few weeks that the app seems to have planned out pretty well everything it will offer in this paid version. Telegram Premium will have a number of pretty cool features leaked today.

We’re going to break down all the information we have about this new way of understanding Telegram and that it’s coming in the coming weeks. Access to information about Telegram Premium made possible thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi who posted a series of tweets talking about this paid version.

The first thing to understand is that this premium version will have a monthly payment. the price that has been shuffled all this time is $4.99.. Unfortunately, the euro figure is still a mystery, although given how these types of subscriptions work, it is likely to cost more than 5 euros.

Having specified the estimated price at which Telegram Premium will come, we need to talk about its characteristics. The first thing that was noticed is that it will have a much larger download size than the current one. files that can be uploaded to Telegram will increase from 1 GB to 4 GB, which gives a pretty significant advantage..

Also, offering larger file sizes will also provide much faster download speeds.. And, logically, since this is a paid service, any ads that appear on Telegram will be completely excluded for those users who decide to bet on the premium version of Telegram.

Of course, these are the only features that will be available in Telegram Premium. It has also been seen to integrate features such as the ability to transcribe spoken phrases and become a written language. Users will also have unique stickers that only they can use with Telegram Premium..

On a general level, it seems like Telegram Premium is a reality, and that means users need to start realizing it.. What’s happening is that it could arrive much sooner than expected, forcing Telegram to finally get a direct economic benefit for the app and messaging service.

Source: Computer Hoy

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