An unusual screwdriver for all occasions with its main mechanism, which automatically twists and unscrews.

Contents of delivery includes 24 bits for a wide variety of heads. All of them together with profits in a nice case.

In short, this perfect Xiaomi screwdriver should be in everyone’s hands.

▶︎ Buy: 2365 RUB 1,655


Of course, based on the size of the screwdriver and the set itself, it is intended for work with small consumer electronics and other compact equipment.

With it, for example, it is very easy to remove it from the computer to clean it from dust and other possible contaminants.

This is especially logical, given that the set of bits just includes specific ones that are important for working with the same laptops.

The quantity and quality of bits is impressive

By themselves bits are made of steel. They are magnetic, so they are very easy to fit in a screwdriver, reliably fit the size, but are easy to remove.

The body of the screwdriver is aluminium. The case for storing her and her life is made of the same material. The kit looks great and is quite light (only 255 grams).

The case is very comfortable

The case reveals Xiaomi’s surprisingly innovative push mechanism.

When you look at it, you generally get the feeling that it is this is what a screwdriver would look like if it was made by Apple.

However, Xiaomi has always been distinguished by very high quality gadget plans.

Top screwdriver for small equipment

In general, very successful, therefore recommended for purchase.

This is clearly hinted at by the mass of sales, and satisfied customers, and the endless sheet using reviews on the sites.

▶︎ Buy: 2365 RUB 1,655

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