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32 tech news to start your morning up to date


On Wednesday it became known that the EU is going to force Apple accept USB Type C connector on iPhonein 2024. But Apple may not use it if it releases a mobile… only with wireless charging. Apparently, he is studying it. Do you dare?

Are you using a classic hard drive to boot your PC? Well, consider firing him because Microsoft may force Windows to boot from SSD next year…

DGT has announced the issuance of B1 driver’s licenses for young people from 16 years of age.. It is aimed at young people switching to electric cars.

Listen to Episode 2×20. – Impressions of Xperia 1 IV and analysis of MSI Creator Z17″ on Spreaker.

technology news

Avoid online scams this summer by following these National Police tips. Read news

Infinite scrolling and the addiction it causes is the focus of some social media like TikTok.. Read news

What happens if the price of bitcoin, shiba inu, dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies drops to zero. Read news

Number 618 from Computer Hoy is already in your kiosk! Read news


Advance Computer Hoy 618

Microsoft may ban bootable hard drives from Windows by 2023 in favor of SSDs. Read news


We already know when Samsung will unveil its Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4 and Watch 5 and what colors they will come in. Read news

Two beasts are landing in Spain: the new Black Shark 5 and Black Shark 5 Pro.. Read news

Two options that Apple manages to accomplish with the USB-C Universal Charger in Europe. Read news

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy M12? Read the analysis and opinion


Samsung Galaxy M12 review

This will be the next Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2: new 4nm design and more power. Read news

More releases like Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto please and thanks. Read news


Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition Unboxing

computers and tablets

Windows 11 appears on millions of unsupported PCs by mistake. Read news

How to create a Google spreadsheet for automatic translation. Read news


New from Amazon is the opportunity to try on shoes in augmented reality. Read news

Content Creator review for GoPro Hero 10 Black. read the report



Is it worth it to unsubscribe from self-employment in the summer if there is not enough work? Read news

He is turning down a €420,000 engineer’s salary at Netflix because it was “copy and paste”. Read news

Google Maps now shows air quality in your area on Android and iOS. Read news

A study shows that daily consumption of these berries prevents vision loss due to age. Read news

entertainment and games

HBO Max is betting on a new format that goes beyond the direct: improvisation.. Read news


Nobody Knows Nothing on HBO Max Trailer

Xbox and Samsung are joining forces to make gaming without a console a reality: the TV will be the key to everything. Read news

Epic Games’ first NFT game is accused of stealing before it goes on sale. Read news


DGT announces driver’s license for 16 year olds, what cars can they drive? Read news

This is the first autonomous AI-controlled ship that travels 10,000 km in 33 days without any breakdown. Read news

This is the first autonomous AI-controlled ship that travels 10,000 km in 33 days without a single breakdown.

Android Auto and other Google claims about the car that should NOT be trusted are gone. Read news

DGT prohibits the use of these sunglasses to avoid accidents. Read news

science and culture

What is the shortest day of the year depending on your geographic location. Read news

This is Dynamic World, a Google platform that uses AI to provide real-time data on changes in the ecosystem. Read news

Curiosities of the day

It takes Google 5 months to calculate Pi with the most decimal places in the world. Read news

This AI has been trained to be a troll on forums and social media, and it’s doing its job. Read news

The nightmare of collecting dirty clothes is over. Read news


[CH] Laundry Jet

A curious technique that promises improvements in the gym in a short time and needs to be looked after. Read news

It was roundup of technology news of the day. Have a good day!

Source: Computer Hoy

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