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The nightmare of picking up dirty laundry is over (video)


Decades ago, doing laundry meant carrying laundry and cleaning products miles to the nearest river, kneeling for long periods to clean and wash things by hand, and bringing them home to hang up.

Now all you have to do is take your clothes to the washing machine, which is a few meters away from you. But we have become so cozy and spoiled that many fathers and mothers get their children take dirty clothes to the basket or to the washing machine, instead of leaving her lying on the floor or on chairs, it’s a losing battle.

The solution is called Laundry Jet is a suction system that “eats” dirty clothes and delivers them directly to the laundry basket.. You can see how it works in this video:


[CH] Laundry Jet

The idea behind this is simple, but no one has thought of it before. Perhaps because it is not easy or cheap to implement.

This is a suction system that runs throughout the house through pipes. The idea is that each clothing room has its own tube, but you can use as many as you like.

These pipes end in the wall and have a small door that can be opened with a sensor or a classic manual latch.

When the small hole is opened, the suction system with enough power to vacuum any clothes we put in and take them to the basket next to the washing machine. When we close the door, the vacuum cleaner turns off.

In a fairly practical system that allows send clothes from any room to the laundry. It will be easier for children to use it and even have fun, and laundry workers will not have to go from room to room collecting dirty clothes from others.

Logically on the floor it doesn’t make much sense, but in large multi-storey buildings like the Americans, it saves a lot of work.

The only hindrance is to use it You must install pipes that run throughout the house.And it’s an expensive job. And the product itself is not cheap. Laundry Jet costs between 2500 and 15000 dollarsdepending on the length of the tubes, the power of the suction system, the number of inlets, etc.

Seems like a good solution to implement in new homes as they are being built.

Source: Computer Hoy

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