Apple shares five tips for being the best in Call of Duty: Mobile

Enhance Call Of Duty: Mobile on your iPhone with these 5 tips from Apple

Apple shares five tips for being the best in Call of Duty: Mobile
Apple Compares 5 Cheats for Call of Duty: Mobile

Apple is very fond of sharing tricks and on this occasion the company has shared through the App Store. 5 awesome tricks for Call of Duty: MobileOne of the best games for iPhone. Just like Apple shared its top 10 iPhone hacks or its top 5 AirPods hacks, the company is now looking into tips for one of the most popular games.

Keep your eyes open, soldier! The battlefields of Call of Duty®: Mobile are full of dangers. Follow these five tips to overcome them and lead your team to victory. They’ll help you in both hand-to-hand combat and surprise ambushes.

5 Tricks Apple Will Improve in Call of Duty: Mobile

In a story shared on the App Store, the company gives us some great tips for improving Call of Duty: Mobile, so if you play often, you shouldn’t miss any details:

  1. Prepare. Jumping into multiplayer games with simple equipment is a beginner’s mistake. Take your time and collect different gadgets and weapons. Short-range ones will be very helpful in narrow maps like Dome, while long-range ones are perfect for large areas like Crossfire. It is highly recommended that you choose your equipment according to the map you will be facing.
  2. Listen carefully. Pay attention to your opponents’ footsteps to avoid being ambushed. You can increase your listening skills by going into the sound settings and setting the ambient sound level to zero. Doing so will silence distant sounds like sirens or wind, allowing you to hear your opponents’ footsteps more clearly.
  3. Don’t stop moving. Staying in the same place in a multiplayer game is the fastest way to become an easy target. If you need to catch your breath, make sure to run around and take good cover. Use the machine gun as you wish or start jumping when you encounter opponents. The important thing is to prevent them from reaching you!
  4. Let it go. The graphics in Call of Duty: Mobile are incredible, but turning down the detail is the best way to optimize the frame rate. Go to the Sound & Graphics menu and set the frame rate to maximum (or ultra quality if your device meets the requirements). Doing so may reduce the quality of the graphics slightly (depending on your device), but it will provide more fluidity.
  5. Use the claw. Four fingers are better than two! It may seem strange at first, but getting used to the claw technique can be very helpful. Take control of your movements and aim with your thumbs, and use your index fingers to shoot, jump, crouch, and reach. This is how the pros play!

Call of Duty: Mobile remains one of the most popular games Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has already been released for download on iPhone. These are similar games, but not the same.

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