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If you’re going out with your bike this summer, you must follow these three rules according to the DGT.


The changes in the new Road Traffic Act do not only apply to four-wheeled vehicles. A very important sector is the cyclist (as well as scooter) sector, which is of great concern due to the accident rate. “The bicycle is another vehicle that is becoming more and more common and we must learn to live with it and learn to protect this most vulnerable group.”approves DGT.

As of May 2022, taken from their own website, the number of deaths in road traffic accidents increased from 2 to 9 compared to last year.

That is why they have become quite strict, after the entry into force of the new traffic rules, with this type of transport. Here we leave you with 20 rules that every cyclist must know according to the DGT.

Nonetheless, today we are going to focus on 3 of them, taken from an article by our colleagues at AutoBild that they seem to want to focus on, partly because they are the ones who can suffer the most in fatal crashes. Given the insecurity of cyclists on the road, the result is almost always fatal for them.

As you can see in the previous tweet we left you that they posted to make this content go viral, 3 rules that must be strictly observed by cyclists:

1. On a bicycle, it is obligatory to signal maneuvers: turns, change of direction and lane.

2. In the city and on the highway, it is advisable to use bike paths, if any.

3. Cyclists are also affected by maximum blood alcohol levels.

The issue of the bike path is quite complicated, as it is not always available for proper traffic.

Knowing this, the DGT says the following: “In the city, bicycles should move as close to the right side of the road as possible, leaving a safe distance with the curb or with parked cars. And if they are traveling in a group, they can move in a column of no more than two people. “

Source: Computer Hoy

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